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Industry information
  • How to distinguish grid-connected inverters from off-grid Inverters

    First of all, photovoltaic inverters are also called photovoltaic power regulators. According to the use of the inverters in distributed photovoltaic power generation system, we can divide them into two types:

  • Principle of Off-grid Inverter and Grid-tied Inverter

    Xindun Power, a professional manufacturer of off-grid inverter, professional, timely and effective pre-sale and after-sales service, escorting your power plant!

  • How to Select PWM Controller and MPPT Controller

    PWM and MPPT controllers have their own unique advantages and disadvantages. The choice of the scheme depends on the design characteristics, cost and external environment of solar photovoltaic arrays. When choosing, we should consider the following factors:

  • ​ PMW photovoltaic controller and MPPT photovoltaic controller

    In the solar off-grid system, the function of the photovoltaic controller is to store the electricity from the photovoltaic module in the battery after transformation. Besides, it also has the functions of protecting the battery and preventing the battery from overcharging.

  • ​ What about AC overvoltage of inverter?

    ​When AC overvoltage occurs in inverter, there are three situations:

  • Inverter must be placed in an airflow space

    ​The lifetime of electronic devices will be halved with the increase of ambient temperature by 10 C.

  • Why is the starting voltage of the inverter higher than the minimum voltage?

    In photovoltaic grid-tied inverters, there is a strange parameter, that is, the input starting voltage of the inverters, which is about 30V higher than the minimum operating voltage.

  • How do photovoltaic power plant cool down in summer?

    Photovoltaic modules and inverters should be kept ventilated. Therefore, some inverters in photovoltaic systems will be installed with a shade to reduce the temperature of the equipment.

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