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Category: Industry information
Date: 2019-08-14
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Author: Xindun
​The lifetime of electronic devices will be halved with the increase of ambient temperature by 10 C.

The lifetime of electronic devices will be halved with the increase of ambient temperature by 10 C. For this type of inverter, the internal temperature of the inverter will increase greatly in the hot sun for a long time, which seriously affects the life of the key components of the inverters. In order to protect the internal components of the inverter, it is suggested that the photovoltaic inverters should add a sunshade to avoid the sun exposure, even if the temperature is too high to cause the temperature fault of the inverters.


When installed outdoors, the inverters should be equipped with rain-proof sunscreen to avoid direct sunlight and rain immersion. Inverters should not be directly exposed to the sun or other heat sources. There should be enough space for its installation and mobile inverters.


Inverter must be placed in a space of air circulation. Inverter is divided into forced air cooling and natural heat dissipation. Inverter itself is a heat source. All heat should be emitted in time, and can not be placed in a closed space, otherwise the temperature will rise higher and higher.


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